Darcia Labrosse has developed a unique technique where Fine Arts and the industrial world merge. Overcoming the gravity of representation and the figurative, automatism and acquired reflexes, she mixes brute force and translucid emotions to paint an ontological, disquieting, enigmatic human figure free from artifice, universal in its expression. She paints embodiments of the human condition. Moving through opalescence and a sometime monochromatic palette, the work is evocative, seminal and suggestive of a pre-incarnation, a transcendence evolving in an underlying objective space where our senses are fired into a leap of perception.

In contrast to an actual ritualistic praxis, Darcia Labrosse uses a highly sophisticated medium: electrostatic paint on sheets of aluminum, copper or corten steel. The process is intrinsic to the artist’s expression; a fast and conducive method that facilitates immediacy of thought and feeling, challenging a fine line between figure and abstraction, traveling from the unconscious to the conscious.

Electromagnetic fields as a phenomenon, a life force and a binding agent, have become a unique and essential partner in Labrosse’s creative activity.